torsdag den 14. maj 2009

Coast to Coast

My name is Rupert Dale and I have for years dreamt of cycling across America. That is why I have decided this year that I will attempt to ride from Washington to San Francisco in June, July and August 2009 a total of 60-64 days which is approx. 5-6000 km, which will take approx. from June 20th to August 24th 2009. I will ride for Sclerosis Association and I want to support and raise money for the Danish concern. There are many people with the disease who are working hard to get their lives to work and there are many people, who are not always aware of the difficulties this disease entails. I would like to support the association, and if you want to sponsor me you will find information about payment on The Danish Scleroses Associations website:

I work as a teacher at Marie Jørgensens School, Odense, and teach English, woodwork, music and sport on a daily basis. I have special interest in cricket, marathon, folk music and cycling. I will do everything to implement this trip and take the obstacles which come as a challenge and hope I can focus on the association and that is likely to gather a little money. And then I am of course also going to cycle in a different and exciting countryside. On the way I will visit different schools in the U.S., where I will sing and tell a little about my trip and I will also point out that I cycle for sclerosis association.

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